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Dairy-free cheeses are often made from nuts, soy,
or tapioca. Nutritional yeast (see below) also adds a cheesy
flavor to foods. Brands: Daiya, Parma, Teese, Tofutti, Treeline,
Vegan Gourmet

Condiments, including butter, mayo, and sour cream, are available in veg-friendly forms. Brands: Earth Balance, Just Mayo,
Nayonaise, Tofutti, Vegan Gourmet, Vegenaise

Milk, Yogurt, and Ice Cream
Dairy-free products are made from almonds, coconut, flax, hemp, oats, rice, and soy. All
are free of cholesterol. Brands: Almond Breeze, Coconut Bliss, Pacific, Silk, So Delicious,
Tempt, Tofutti, Whole Soy

Nutritional Yeast
This flaky, inactive yeast has a cheesy flavor. Try substituting for parmesan on top of
pasta or pizza, or in any other food to which you’d like to add a cheesy taste. Fortified
versions are packed with B vitamins, including vitamin B12, and other essential minerals.
Brands: Bragg, Red Star

Made from wheat gluten, seitan is packed with protein and offers a meaty texture when
cooked. Brands: Upton’s Naturals, West Soy

A calcium-rich, creamy, sesame seed paste often used in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Tempeh is a firm, fermented soybean product. It has a nutty flavor and can take the place of
meat in a recipe. Brands: Lightlife, Tofurky

Made from soybeans, tofu is popular in vegetarian recipes because it is high in protein and
calcium, and it easily absorbs flavors in a recipe. It comes in a white block that can be fried,
sautéed, steamed, or used in smoothies. Check recipes to see whether you should use a firm
or silken variety.

TVP/Vegan Crumbles
Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is a dried protein that must be soaked in liquid before
adding to a recipe. Vegan crumbles can be used straight from the package. Both add
a meaty texture to stew, chili, and pasta.


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